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LSNA/SWOP Parent Mentor Training expands to Skokie.

22 parents and 8 languages represented. Congratulations, Madison and Devonshire Schools!

Parent Mentorship Program for Local Schools

LSNA/SWOP Parent Engagement Institute Parent Mentor Training in Moline.

Program aims to boost students' success

Nationally recognized LSNA Parent Mentor Program launched at two elementary schools in Moline and East Moline.

Casa Guanajuato Quad Cities seeks parent-mentors

LSNA was in the quad cities last week for a parent mentor training...

Neighbors Oppose Military Academy

A Logan Square Neighborhood Association survey found that a vast majority of residents did not want a military school and preferred to keep a neighborhood school.

DACA Candidates who need GED - Information Meeting at Ames Middle School

Information meeting for Eligible DACA Candidates who have not met the GED requirement. 

Lathrop Homes the New Navy Pier? Redevelopment Planned for CHA Project.

Mary Thomas, a nine-year Lathrop resident and member of the housing project's leadership team, shared Cornwell's concerns.

"Now all of a sudden they've announced 50 percent market rate. Why don't they give us 50 percent public?" she asked. "There's just too much of a need for housing right now."

LSNA Parent Mentor Program Expanding

A BIG welcome to Detroit and Denver!

Authorities seek solutions for K-8 absenteeism in Chicago schools

Examples of anti-truancy measures found across the country — and close to home

A Vision For Chicago Public Housing, Stymied And Contested

"[Mary] Thomas says all three of the concepts for Lathrop should be dumped and there should be more input from residents. She says there's little affordable housing in the area and there's no need for market-rate units at all."

Listening would help alderman’s case

One thing I know for sure: as unpleasant as it may be, Maldonado needs to suck it up and go have that talk with them — before this is a done deal.

LSNA in Springfield

On Tuesday, 11/27/12, LSNA leaders travelled to Springfield for the beginning of a six-day veto session to lobby for an end to school closings and the passage of Drivers Licenses for All.

What's wrong with the three Lathrop Scenarios?

How do the three proposed scenarios compare to Lathrop Homes today and to the CHA Guidelines in the Request for Proposal issued 2010? 

Celebrating LSNA's Achievements in Education

A thoughtful testimony by Rachel Bickel, new neighbor and current representative to the LSNA Members Action Council from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Logan Square.

Drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants

Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey says the union supports the campaign. He said getting a drivers license would make it easier for some families to get work. But it also would make the roads safer.

LSNA Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Canvassing is Gearing Up.

LSNA will be working to Get Out the Vote.

White House & Mayor Emanuel congratulate LSNA as one of ten best community-school partnerships!

LSNA recognized by United States Department of Education, the Corporation for National & Community Service, and the White House for "Tomorrow School Improvement Challenge."

LSNA on NBC Today Show Education Nation - Video Interviews

Video interviews with: Joanna Brown (Logan Square Neighborhood Association); Dr. Charles Payne (Professor, University of Chicago); Patricia Lopez (Former parent mentor, now a bi-lingual teacher); Leticia Barrera (Education Organizer, LSNA); Rosa Rivera; Edwin Rivera (Principal, Monroe Elementary School); Audrey Navarro.

LSNA on NBC Today Show Education Nation - Case Study Report

Parents who do not have the resources, or who do not speak English well enough, or who feel too intimidated to get involved in their children’s schools. We know that children stand a much better chance of success when their parents are involved – so how do we bridge that gap?

Education Nation: Mentoring becomes as much about parents as it is about kids

Advocates say the program has contributed to improved student performance in the largely poor and minority neighborhood in northwestern Chicago, both for individual students and for the schools that participate.  At James Monroe Elementary School, for instance, 74 percent of third-graders were proficient in reading in 2011, compared to 24 percent in 1999.

Education Nation: Latino parents break down barriers in Chicago schools

The main goal for LSNA is to open the door for parents and make them welcome in their children’s school. Brown says she hopes the program “provides the opportunity for parents to do meaningful work, help the students, help the teacher, learn about the teachers and form relationships with them.”

Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s Nationally Recognized “Parent Mentor Program” To Be Featured on “Education Nation”

“Every time a new parent enters the Parent Mentor program,” says Logan Square Neighborhood Association leader and Monroe School parent coordinator Martha Juarez, “I think to myself, ‘that is one more family saved.’” 

Students get civics lesson at LSNA Freedom School - Video

Students take part in civic engagement lessons at the "Freedom Camp" through the Logan Square Neighborhood Association on Sept. 12, 2012. 

Logan Square students get education in strike issues

'Freedom Camp' makes teaching moment of contract impasse, giving lessons in civics, democratic process

Bloomingdale Trail - Video from Mayor's Office

Talking is over - Building will begin!  

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