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News items related to Logan Square

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Regional Roundup: Chicago Partnerships "Connect Dots" to Improve College Access

While applauding the pilot program, Maria Trejo, Elev8 director for Ames Middle School, said that the bigger barrier for some students and parents is overcoming their initial reaction of “Whoa….what is FAFSA?”

Model Logan Square Program Wins Money to Keep Parents Tutoring

“We want to thank all these decision-makers for supporting this unique program that helps strengthen students, teachers, parents and community,” said Leticia Barrera, Education Organizer for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. 

The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Parents

Immigrant parents in Chicago set a precedent for other districts with at-risk children and hesitant administrators.

"Que Viva"

Lissette Castaneda, a housing leader at LSNA, recalled Zapata’s origins in the NCP planning process and singled out staff and volunteers who went the extra mile to get it done.

“We have worked hard,” Castaneda said, and must continue to work hard “for the next 61 families” who need affordable housing. In that struggle, she said “we can look back to this shining light, so we will never have to doubt our power—the power of justice—ever again.”

« Previous | 51–54 of 54 items