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News items related to Logan Square

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HUD seeking Letters of Support for historic preservation of Lathrop Homes

HUD seeking letters of Support for historic preservation of Lathrop Homes.

Logan Square churches unite to fight Chicago violence

Speakers encouraged the crowd to be a "personal remedy for violence" by doing what they can to influence public policy, safely intervene in street violence and encourage city leaders to expand educational and employment opportunities.

Logan Square Churches and Social Service Agencies come together for Palm Sunday Peace Rally

Dozens of Logan Square residents gathered to commit to be a "remedy for violence" on Palm Sunday at a peace rally at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, hosted by the Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance and the Alliance of Local Service Organizations.

Reportan graves problemas administrativos en escuela de Logan Square (Video)

Kelvyn Park High School Sophomore and LSNA Youth Leader Katy Penaloza spoke with Univision TV about the KPHS community plan created by youth, parents and teachers.

Illegal Evictions Protest: Sheriff, Alderman Join Fight

"Mike Stanek, of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, led protesters in an attempt to meet with CHIProperties representatives, but they were refused admittance."

CPS plan could put military school, middle school in close quarters

“What one value is necessary to create a harmonious society?” Mr. Ramirez [7th Grade Teacher, Ames] asks. “What one value, Enrique?”

“Creating community,” Enrique Davila says.

Logan Square Community Fights To Keep Neighborhood Schools Open At CPS Hearing (VIDEO)

"Before the meeting with CPS officials started, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) hosted a rally at the nearby Logan Square Auditorium, at 2539 North Kedzie Blvd."  Kudos to youth leader Juan Carlos Fajardo from Ames for firing up the crowd!!

CPS parents make pre-emptive push to keep Logan Square school open

Brentano Elementary Math and Science Academy not yet slated for shutdown, but it meets CPS criteria for closing

Parent Mentorship Program for Local Schools

LSNA/SWOP Parent Engagement Institute Parent Mentor Training in Moline.

Casa Guanajuato Parent Mentors

With money from the state, Casa Guanojuato in Moline is organizing the "Parent Mentor Program for Early Childhood Learning" based on an 18-year old program in Chicago.

Casa Guanajuato Quad Cities seeks parent-mentors

LSNA was in the quad cities last week for a parent mentor training...

Neighbors Oppose Military Academy

A Logan Square Neighborhood Association survey found that a vast majority of residents did not want a military school and preferred to keep a neighborhood school.

DACA Candidates who need GED - Information Meeting at Ames Middle School

Information meeting for Eligible DACA Candidates who have not met the GED requirement. 

Lathrop Homes the New Navy Pier? Redevelopment Planned for CHA Project.

Mary Thomas, a nine-year Lathrop resident and member of the housing project's leadership team, shared Cornwell's concerns.

"Now all of a sudden they've announced 50 percent market rate. Why don't they give us 50 percent public?" she asked. "There's just too much of a need for housing right now."

Authorities seek solutions for K-8 absenteeism in Chicago schools

Examples of anti-truancy measures found across the country — and close to home

Logan Square needs a military school? Says who?

Ames is a successful school by any measure and it has active parent engagement ... Who asked for this?

It seems it was the brain-child of the Alderman and nobody else.

Keep Ames a Community School - SIGN and SHARE the Petition

Hands off this thriving community school!  Please sign the online petition or write a letter.

Celebrating LSNA's Achievements in Education

A thoughtful testimony by Rachel Bickel, new neighbor and current representative to the LSNA Members Action Council from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Logan Square.

Driver’s licenses for [all] makes sense

"... the Logan Square Neighborhood Association ... kicked off a “Driver’s License for All” campaign Friday with testimonials from undocumented immigrants on the hardships of not being able to drive legally."

Town Hall Meeting re Elected School Board at Logan Square Auditorium - VIDEO

A conversation about moving from a mayor-appointed school board to an elected, representative board. Featuring: CTU President Karen Lewis; Chicago Reader journalist Ben Joravsky; UIC professor Pauline Lipman and Ames Middle School LSNA Parent Mentor Delia Bonilla (18:48-25:35). Moderated by Will Guzzardi, Logan Square community organizer. This event was organized by Communities Organized for Democracy in Education (CODE) and took place on October 23, 2012 at the Logan Square Auditorium.

This live telecast from Logan Square Auditorium was produced by Chicago Access Network TV.

Healthcare Union Provides Crucial Donation To Keep Kids Educated During Chicago Teachers Strike

"We thank SEIU for its contribution and commitment during the CPS teacher strike," said Maria Trejo, LSNA's Freedom Camp coordinator.  "With SEIU's donation, we will be able to provide breakfast, lunch and materials to the 100 students that participated in our camp that educated them on Civic Engagement and Participation.

Community Advocates See CTU Strike As Opportunity To Highlight National Education Issues

Jennifer Velazquez, an organizer with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, says freedom camps will explain to CPS students “why teachers are striking.” 

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart speaks out against mental health clinic closures

The evening ended with a roll call for six area alderman: 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno, 6th Ward Alderman Rey Colon, 26th Ward Alderman Roberto Maldonado, 30th Ward Alderman Ariel Reboyras, 31st Ward Alderman Ray Suarez and  32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack. None of them were present neither was their staff. Advocates say all six were invited.

Dart: ‘We’re criminalizing mental health’

“What we are, in fact, doing is criminalizing mental health,” Dart said. “That’s what we’re doing.”

Logan Square Neighborhood Assoc to Launch Council to Prevent Closed-Door Decisions at the Board of Ed

LSNA is establishing the LSSFC in response to a recent Board of Education decision to remove students from Ames. Parents, teachers, and community members are concerned that enrollment at Ames will drop and are suspicious that the Board of Ed made the decision to make way for a closing or co-location.

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