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October 2013

8 Housing and Land Use

6:30 pm - 2915 W. Palmer, Chicago

December 2013

10 Public Meeting on the Lathrop Homes Master Plan

6–8 pm - 2451 N. Kedzie Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60647

21 Posada in support of Public and Affordable Housing

2–4 pm - 2915 N. Leavitt, Chicago, IL 60618

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News items

U.S. urban park makeovers - boon and bane for residents

Lucy Gomez-Feliciano owns a house one block from the 606 and says her Logan Square Neighborhood Association is frustrated by what is seen as the unwillingness of the city and Trust for Public Land to make affordable housing safeguards part of the project.

CHA maneuvering on Lathrop Homes an unfortunate development

“It’s not the final step by any means,” Sahli (CHA Chief Housing Officer) said, adding that “there’s still lots of room for community discussion.”  But for those who have seen the CHA mow down its public housing stock without always making good on its promises, such assurances have an unsettling ring.

M. Fishman Interested in Buying Logan Square's Milshire Hotel?

Daniel Laspata, co-chairman of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association's Housing and Land Use Committee, said the closing of the Milshire as an SRO and rising rents in Logan Square present a particular problem for the Milshire tenants.

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