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June 2012

9 Monroe School Youth Orchestra Concert at Koz Park

11 am - 2732 N. Avers, Chicago, IL 60647

July 2012

27 Back to School Health Fair

10 am–2 pm - 1711 N. California, Chicago, IL 60614

May 2013

15 Ames College & Career Fair

4–6 pm - Ames Middle School, 1920 N. Hamlin, Chicago, IL 60647

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News items

Will CPS reverse itself on Ames Middle School?

When the votes were counted, it wasn't even close. The locals whupped Maldonado, winning roughly 69 percent of the votes.

Ames Middle School Victory despite Marines at polling places

"Uniformed Marines have no business hanging around polling places during an election -- unless we're under martial law. Are we?

If not, back to the barracks. E Pluribus Unim."

Community supports Ames Middle School. Another Logan Square victory last night.

The results will be presented to the School Board on March 26 providing the officials “a great opportunity for them to go back and reflect on their vote in December,” said neighborhood activist Leticia Barrera.

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