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$1,595 For A Studio In Logan Square? New Normal Worries Longtime Residents
"I guess I'm confused. Those towers and all of these new developments .... maybe [they're] affordable for a certain demographic, but that's not the demographic that's being displaced..."
Residentes marcharon para construcción de vivienda pública en Logan Square
Disfrazados como la escena bíblica en que José y María buscan posada para pasar la noche en Belén, residentes de Logan Square se movilizaron para luchar por vivienda…
Buscan dar seguridad a niños de Chicago ante el ‘Efecto Trump’
"Educan a padres de una escuela en Avondale/Logan Square para que conozcan sus derechos y fomenten la seguridad de los niños frente a políticas y actitudes antiinmigrantes"
Chicago students heading home from Standing Rock
"There were lots of hugs, gift giving and a few tears as we said goodbye to Standing Rock and our hosts at the Lower Brule camp. LSNA students had a better night's sleep because the weather warmed…
CPS says schools will remain open if teachers walk out
"Enough of blaming our teachers, enough of making our children's education a political game" said Ana Centeno, a CPS parent and member of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association." "The fight…

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