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Fed Up With Gentrification, Latino Teens In Logan Fight Back With Festival
"We're not going to allow developers or Realtors tell [our] stories for us"
Piden cambios en la ordenanza 'Welcoming City' con una marcha durante el Domingo de Ramos
"Líderes religiosos, activistas y la comunidad de Chicago se movilizaron con el fin exigir más protección para los indocumentados y las víctimas de crímenes."
"Know Your Rights" Video Release from Estudiantes Sin Fronteras
"Estudiantes Sin Fronteras, (Students Without Borders), a Schurz student organization, recently released an updated version of their "Know Your Rights" video to educate immigrants and community…
Escuelas en Logan Square anuncian que se convertirán en santuario para inmigrantes
"Las escuelas ofrecerán talleres informativos para padres y también para maestros."
Residentes marcharon para construcción de vivienda pública en Logan Square
Disfrazados como la escena bíblica en que José y María buscan posada para pasar la noche en Belén, residentes de Logan Square se movilizaron para luchar por vivienda…
¿Qué pasará si hay huelga de maestros en Chicago?
Ana Centeno y Leticia Barrera llegaron a mostrar solidaridad con los maestros de las es cuelas públicas de Chicago, recaudando firmas para exigir una negociación ahora.
Exigen fondos para mantener ‘Padres Mentores’
Exigen fondos para mantener ‘Padres Mentores’ Más de 600 padres de graduaron el día de hoy del programa Padres Mentores y le exigen a los legisladores que los hagan…
Gentrification how it's affecting residents in Logan Square
ADELANTE-Gentrification how it`s affecting residents in Logan Square
Journey of the Rockets (LSNA)
We would like to share with you this video of the LSNA programs that take place in after school at McAuliffe Elementary School.
Protest Against Logan Square Gentrification
Youth join with Grassroots Illinois Action to speak out against proposed Logan Square development along The 606 trail that could displace longtime residents. This program was recorded by Chicago…
Piden un alto a los desplazamientos en el vecindario de Logan Square
"Members of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association said they are meeting with Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) to discuss ways to keep longtime area residents in Logan Square".
Madres "muertas de la ira" por recortes presupuestales
Un grupo de madres de familia de Logan Square organizó el "día de los muertos de la ira", visitando a representantes estatales de Illinois, con un altar que muestra los difuntos…
At Kelvyn Park High School, it's back to school with fewer teachers
Hundreds of thousands of Chicago Public Schools students on Tuesday returned to the classroom amid massive financial woes for the district: an expired teacher contract and a $480 million budget hole .
Save Kelvyn Park High School
Logan Square Neighborhood Association Press Conference on the first day of school 2015, Kelvyn Park High School.
Thank you Parent Mentors. 2014 Graduation Video.
Thank you parent mentors for a job well done. Congratulations on your Graduation. See you next year!!
U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky meets with Parent Mentors (Video)
LSNA Joanna Brown attended the meeting with U.S. Representative Jan Schakowski and parent mentors at Fairfield South in Niles, IL.
Spotlight Series: Parent Mentor Program Overview (Video)
Watch an overview of the NWSHC's Parent Mentor Program in Mary Lyon, Peter Reinberg, and Marvin Camras Chicago Public Elementary Schools.
Vitale demand for proof of community support is met by Ames Referendum success (Video)
Parents and Ames Community leaders testified at the CPS Board meeting on Wednesday 03/15/14 after Referendum success asking David Vitale to reconsider plans to convert Ames to Military School. 69%…
ABC 7's Emmy Award-winning 'The Ñ Beat' celebrates accomplishments of Latino Community - including LSNA's Abriendo Puertos.
"Abriendo Puertas...Logan Square Neighborhood Association was one of the first Chicago agencies to implement the program and the parents who've completed it say they've seen huge strides in their…
Meet the Ames Press Club 2012 to 2013
Meet the student reporters and the adult advisors who are part of Ames Press Club.
Military in Ames
Ames Press Club asks: What do kids at Ames think about the upcoming transformation of their school?
Ames School Referendum - Labor Beat Video
Ames 8th grade student Jasmine Marchan stood before the CPS representative and asked him "Why fix something that's not broken?" The point being that Ames Middle School is a good community school, yet…
Lathrop Homes Redevelopment on Chicago Tonight (Video)
LSNA Preserve Lathrop resident leaders Miguel Suarez and Titus Kerby "believe the homes should be returned to the low-income residents who once filled the units."
Military Coup at Ames (Labor Beat Video)
The raids against public neighborhood schools in Chicago continue...beyond the 50 closings announced last spring. On December 18, 2013 Chicago Public Schools voted to convert Ames Middle School into…