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606 Bloomingdale Trail

Residentes de zonas aledañas al sendero 606 se manifiestan para que protejan viviendas asequibles
"Concejales de Chicago presentarán una ordenanza, con el fin de apoyar a la comunidad, que impondría una cuota a los desarrolladores que planean demoler edificios."
$1,595 For A Studio In Logan Square? New Normal Worries Longtime Residents
"I guess I'm confused. Those towers and all of these new developments .... maybe [they're] affordable for a certain demographic, but that's not the demographic that's being displaced..."
Residentes marcharon para construcción de vivienda pública en Logan Square
Disfrazados como la escena bíblica en que José y María buscan posada para pasar la noche en Belén, residentes de Logan Square se movilizaron para luchar por vivienda…
Gentrification how it's affecting residents in Logan Square
ADELANTE-Gentrification how it`s affecting residents in Logan Square
The 606 trail, a study in contrasts, celebrates its first birthday
"We're at a point where we've lost families, but we don't want to keep losing any more. So I think if we stabilize the amount of property taxes or rent prices to keep everyone where they are right…
Marching against gentrification, Pell grants for dual enrollment, being black at elite high schools, principals’ group election
Hundreds marched on Tuesday to protest gentrification in Logan Square along the 606 trail, which they say is contributing to declines in neighborhood school enrollment. "I'm a parent against…
Hundreds March on The 606 Over Gentrification
Hundreds of people marched along The 606 Tuesday night in a protest against gentrification. The march was organized to draw attention to the rising cost of living along the relatively new trail,…
Marchers take to the 606 trail to protest gentrification
The Logan Square Neighborhood Association, a community group which organized the march, offered proposals on how to keep residents from having to move. “If we’re going to keep working…
Group protests number of low-income units in planned Lathrop redevelopment
"Groups that included the Chicago Housing Initiative, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and leaders from several churches rallied at the Lathrop complex at West Diversey Parkway and North…
Compañías encuentran tácticas para evadir vivienda asequible
Además de construir proyectos residenciales extremadamente costosos, algunas compañías podrían estar evadiendo aspectos importantes de la Ordenanza de Requisitos…
'We're Strangers in Our Own Land': Protesters Decry Humboldt Park Mansions
"Our taxes are going up and our paychecks are staying the same," said Juan Media, who's lived in Humboldt Park for 30 years. "We will be forced to sell if we haven't been already. My neighbors that…
Mega Mall Redevelopment Passes Biggest Hurdle
"John McDermott, of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, argued against the plan. He called affordable housing "the fundamental existential issue" for Logan Square, with "a certain demographic"…
Protest Against Logan Square Gentrification
Youth join with Grassroots Illinois Action to speak out against proposed Logan Square development along The 606 trail that could displace longtime residents. This program was recorded by Chicago…
'We've Been Pushed Out,' Logan Square Teens Protest Gentrification
"We've been pushed out of our neighborhoods," said Eduardo Cordero, 16."Do you think these buildings are meant for people who've lived here for a long time?"
Piden un alto a los desplazamientos en el vecindario de Logan Square
"Members of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association said they are meeting with Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) to discuss ways to keep longtime area residents in Logan Square".
Wicker Park, Bucktown Home Values Spike After Bloomingdale Trail Opens
The Logan Square Neighborhood Association, for example, has been pushing Berrios's office to support property tax abatement measures or even offer exemptions to longtime homeowners.
En Chicago, vecinos no se quieren ir de su barrio
Según la organización Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA), uno de las agrupaciones que organiza a los vecinos, los edificios en el área son propiedad de familias de…
"There's always the fear that when the assessment comes, my family might not be able to pay the mortgage on the house," said Jennifer Velazquez, 21, has lived in Logan Square her entire life.
Eyes on the Street: The Bloomingdale Trail Is Almost Ready for Its Close-Up
As property taxes and rents rise, many longtime Humboldt Park residents have said they’re worried about being priced out of their neighborhoods
606 trail inspires excitement, fear from neighbors
"Even this past Friday, as I sat at my window, as I looked at the for-sale signs, it came to mind, six months from today, my immediate block could look different, unrecognizable," Ramirez said.
LSNA Addresses 606 Gentrification Fears
“I live eight houses away from the elevated train track where the 606 will be, and I’m already starting to see some changes. It’s going to attract a lot of people, so how can I be a…
Vecinos de Logan Square dicen ‘no’ a recortes
Los recortes [del Gobierno Rauner] obligarían a organizaciones como LSNA a cerrar programas como el que asiste a inmigrantes a obtener la ciudadanía estadounidense y…
Local Officials Address Logan Square Neighbors' Fears of 606 Gentrification
In a brief keynote address at the end of the event, County Board President Toni Preckwinkle didn't reference any specific policy action but echoed the importance of affordable housing, of which…
U.S. urban park makeovers - boon and bane for residents
Lucy Gomez-Feliciano owns a house one block from the 606 and says her Logan Square Neighborhood Association is frustrated by what is seen as the unwillingness of the city and Trust for Public Land to…