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12 More Ways To Help Hurricane Victims In Puerto Rico, Mexico
"Locals haven't stopped raising money for disaster victims in Puerto Rico and Mexico as relief efforts continue..."
Parents Pressure Mayor to Keep Schools Open with TIF Funds
“CPS parents know that closing the schools on June 1st will result in more violence and less support for their children’s education. This is unacceptable in the face of hundreds of…
Workshops help teachers cope with students’ immigration fears
“We noticed there was a huge amount of anxiety permeating schools,” said Bridget Murphy, of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. “How do you concentrate in school if…
Logan Square Schools Are Now 'Sanctuary Zones,' Declares Neighborhood Group
“We want to show our students that they are not alone. You are more than a status; you are a human.”
Thank you to #LSNA #YouthLeaders for your work with @VOYCE to create fairer school discipline standards in Illinois. Call and ask your State Senator to support SB100.