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News from past 90 days

Mayor's Affordable Housing Plan Hits Roadblock When Housing Advocates Cry Foul

"LSNA, the Spanish Coalition for Housing, the Center of Changing Lives and LUCHA banded together during former Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration and formed Here To Stay, a nonprofit land trust that aims to start acquiring neighborhood homes, doing basic rehab and selling the properties at reduced prices to residents who..."

Mural of Butterfly Symbolizes Journey of Immigrants

“The monarch makes an amazing journey from Mexico north to U.S. and Canada and back to Mexico, which takes four generations. It is the great-grandchildren that make it back to Michoacán, Mexico, to wait for warmer weather up north and then start the whole cycle once again. Many of us who live in this country forget that we are the grandchildren or great grandchildren of people who made a long journey to come here many generations ago. For many Latin-Americans, especially from Mexico, the monarch is a symbol of a long journey that they themselves took, often under difficult circumstances.”