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Marchers take to the 606 trail to protest gentrification

The Logan Square Neighborhood Association, a community group which organized the march, offered proposals on how to keep residents from having to move.

“If we’re going to keep working class families in the community, we need to quickly develop policies, ordinances and new laws that will help balance the development in the community,” said Juliet de Jesus Alejandre, an organizer for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

Parents, students, teachers mobilize at the Logan Square Eagle on the way to downtown rally.

'Get up, get down, Chicago is a union town!'...Logan Square backs CTU in April 1 events... Parents, students, teachers mobilize at the Logan Square Eagle on the way to downtown rally...

Group protests number of low-income units in planned Lathrop redevelopment

"Groups that included the Chicago Housing Initiative, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and leaders from several churches rallied at the Lathrop complex at West Diversey Parkway and North Clybourn Avenue intent on occupying the space for 24 hours to illustrate the city's lack of affordable housing for poorer residents."

CTU President Addresses Parent Mentor Convention

Union President Karen Lewis who said, “parent mentors your daily work in the classrooms is very valuable”                                                                                                           The Parent Mentor Program was developed by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) in 1995 aimed to increase parent engagement in classroom settings.

Lewis to CPS parents: April 1 CTU action ‘like an extra holiday’

“We are all being held hostage by a governor who doesn’t want to work for us,” Lewis told the crowd at the Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s Parent Mentor celebration and workshop Monday morning.

Compañías encuentran tácticas para evadir vivienda asequible

Además de construir proyectos residenciales extremadamente costosos, algunas compañías podrían estar evadiendo aspectos importantes de la Ordenanza de Requisitos Asequibles que les obliga a los desarrolladores incluir viviendas de interés social.

Lessons in learning Tackling educational challenges around the world

"The example of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association could teach people in Iraq how to increase community engagement and reduce school segregation along ethnic or religious lines."

'We're Strangers in Our Own Land': Protesters Decry Humboldt Park Mansions

"Our taxes are going up and our paychecks are staying the same," said Juan Media, who's lived in Humboldt Park for 30 years. "We will be forced to sell if we haven't been already. My neighbors that have already been forced to sell can't afford the rent in this neighborhood anymore."

Anuncio de la Corte Suprema “nos da una esperanza que no teníamos”

La decisión del martes de la Corte fue recibida con beneplácito por residentes y organizaciones pro inmigrantes, aunque otros sectores no la aceptan.

ONXRT Vol 17 Benefits Parent Mentors – Learn More!

"They build stronger communities inside and outside of those schools."

Mega Mall Redevelopment Passes Biggest Hurdle

"John McDermott, of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, argued against the plan. He called affordable housing "the fundamental existential issue" for Logan Square, with "a certain demographic" — more affluent yuppies — threatening to alter the economic environment. "The retail district reacts to" the influx of income, he said".

Protest Against Logan Square Gentrification

Youth join with Grassroots Illinois Action to speak out against proposed Logan Square development along The 606 trail that could displace longtime residents. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).

'We've Been Pushed Out,' Logan Square Teens Protest Gentrification

"We've been pushed out of our neighborhoods," said Eduardo Cordero, 16."Do you think these buildings are meant for people who've lived here for a long time?"

Piden un alto a los desplazamientos en el vecindario de Logan Square

"Members of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association said they are meeting with Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) to discuss ways to keep longtime area residents in Logan Square".

Logan Square Moms Build Dia de los Muertos Altars to Protest Budget Cuts

A group of angry Logan Square moms took their message of state legislators this week in the form of Dia de los Muertos altars.

Madres "muertas de la ira" por recortes presupuestales

Un grupo de madres de familia de Logan Square organizó el "día de los muertos de la ira", visitando a representantes estatales de Illinois, con un altar que muestra los difuntos programas sociales y los que estan en peligro.

City Colleges consolidation stirs concern about enrollment in child development programs

Early childhood education piqued Jaqueline Espinal’s interest when her daughter started preschool at Darwin Elementary in Logan Square. She first pitched in as a volunteer, then became a parent mentor and eventually got a part-time job supervising recess at Darwin, where her daughter is in 6th grade.

Colleges team up to help early childhood workers get degrees

“It’s about making sure our bilingual-bicultural teachers, current and future, get the professional development and support they need,” says Lucy Gomez-Feliciano, who oversees the effort for LSNA. She offers support and guidance — reminding students of deadlines and connecting them to Truman’s academic advisor — with the hope they’ll keep going for an associate’s degree, or more.

Meet "Generation All" Steering Committee Member and Intern, Jesus Velazquez

"After learning about the school to prison pipeline from my LSNA and V.O.Y.C.E experiences, I realized that there was a system that had pushed a lot of my friends out of school, and I was almost pushed into that system as well. I felt it was time to end it, and that’s why I joined Generation All."

West Side parents aid teachers, learn skills in expanding program
Trained by LSNA's Parent Engagement Institute: Parent Mentor program starts its 2nd year in Charleston,West Virginia, sponsored by HOPE Community Development Corporation and West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families.
White House recognizes LSNA's comprehensive education programs as a national "Bright Spot" in educational excellence for Hispanics.

The Bright Spots catalog features over 230 programs, models, organizations and initiatives that are supporting and investing in the educational attainment of Hispanics.

Lack of Budget Is Dismantling Critical State Services

To prevent further damage to children, families, and communities, lawmakers and the governor need to take responsibility for funding our state’s priorities by restoring the revenue we need to fully fund a year-long budget.

At Kelvyn Park High School, it's back to school with fewer teachers

Hundreds of thousands of Chicago Public Schools students on Tuesday returned to the classroom amid massive financial woes for the district: an expired teacher contract and a $480 million budget hole.

Beachwood Reporter: Cuts to Kelvyn Park High School

"We have no college counselor," Sherilyn Flores, a 17-year-old senior, said outside the Hermosa neighborhood high school. "I'm more worried about college this year than any other senior would be."

Save Kelvyn Park High School

Logan Square Neighborhood Association Press Conference on the first day of school 2015, Kelvyn Park High School.

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