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Mayor's Affordable Housing Plan Hits Roadblock When Housing Advocates Cry Foul

"LSNA, the Spanish Coalition for Housing, the Center of Changing Lives and LUCHA banded together during former Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration and formed Here To Stay, a nonprofit land trust that aims to start acquiring neighborhood homes, doing basic rehab and selling the properties at reduced prices to residents who..."

Mural of Butterfly Symbolizes Journey of Immigrants

“The monarch makes an amazing journey from Mexico north to U.S. and Canada and back to Mexico, which takes four generations. It is the great-grandchildren that make it back to Michoacán, Mexico, to wait for warmer weather up north and then start the whole cycle once again. Many of us who live in this country forget that we are the grandchildren or great grandchildren of people who made a long journey to come here many generations ago. For many Latin-Americans, especially from Mexico, the monarch is a symbol of a long journey that they themselves took, often under difficult circumstances.”

Put an eligible house into the Chicago land trust to lower its taxes and preserve affordability

"Many alders were upset that community organizations were left out of the discussion in designing the ordinance. Several mentioned Logan Square Neighborhood Association, in particular — based on what some of the alders said, it seemed that LSNA devised the same or similar idea, but was not included in developing or administering this ordinance."

Chicago Families Take on Gentrification and Housing

"Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) community leaders stand with U.S. Rep. Jesús “Chuy” García, who represents Chicago residents, to demand 100 affordable homes for city families in the Logan Square area. LSNA members and families are asking that the housing be close to transit stops. Photo courtesy of LSNA"

Trolley Tour Highlights Chicago’s Housing Woes On The Northwest Side

Affordable housing advocates from LUCHA, Spanish Coalition for Housing, Center for Changing Lives, Northwest Side Housing Center, Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation and Logan Square Neighborhood Association organized the Tuesday trolley trip.

Organizers wanted to...

As Logan Square & Humboldt Park Property Taxes Skyrocket, Both Longtime And New Residents Consider Moving

"We lost our neighborhood school, the streets are riddled with potholes and there's gunshots. What are we paying for?" one resident said.

‘A stranger in my own community’: Mixed feelings as young Latinos move back to gentrifying Chicago neighborhoods

“We have to ask ourselves when we are getting public amenities in our community, who is going to benefit and who is going to be burdened,” Christian Diaz, the lead housing organizer at the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, said....

LSNA Welcomes New Round of Parent Mentors

"Hundreds of new parents graduated on Thursday, June 6th from the Logan Square Neighborhood Association Parent Teacher Mentor Program at Carl Schurz High School. “After demonstrating the dedication and love that the parent mentors put into helping each student..."

Parent mentors celebrate graduation, program expansion: ‘Each day I know I accomplish something’

“I always wanted to do something that just made me proud, I wanted to leave at the end of the day knowing that I accomplished something, Each day being a parent mentor I know I’m accomplishing something, because I see it in the smiles of my students and my co-workers.”

57 Years at LSNA

Thank you to all who joined us at our 57th Annual Congress on May 21, 2019! It was wonderful to celebrate our accomplishments from the past year and look forward to a better future!

Hundreds Of Logan Square Residents Show Up To Fight For 100% Affordable Housing Complex As Opponents Try To Slow Down Process

Of the roughly 500 residents who attended, 350 voted "yes," 112 voted "no," 35 voted "yes, with conditions" and five votes were indecipherable.

Prior to Tonight’s Logan TOD Hearing, Supporters Make Their Final Case

"On the morning before tonight’s community input meeting for the proposed 100-unit, 100-percent affordable transit-oriented development for the Emmett Street parking lot next to the Logan Square Blue Line station, advocates held a press conference to...

As Logan Housing Costs Skyrocket, New 100 Percent Affordable Housing Complex ‘Extremely Important’ Step In Right Direction, Ald. Says

“I’ve been trying to get this done since 2016 and the Mayor’s office hasn’t helped until now,” the alderman  said, adding, “The mayor wants to see this done during the final month of his administration. … as part of his legacy.”

LSNA's Aldermanic Questionnaire- Run-Off Edition

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, LSNA hosted a conversation between runoff candidates for the 30th, 31st, 33rd ward, and community members. We'd like to thank the candidates including Deb Mell, Felix Cardona Jr., Rossana Rodriguez, and Jessica Gutierrez for attending. 

Chicago’s Lincoln Yards Puts Affordable Housing Groups In A Bind

Lincoln Yards is a planned $6 billion megaproject — featuring skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, and thousands of units of upscale housing — to be sandwiched between Lincoln Park and Bucktown.

LSNA's Aldermanic Candidate Forum Recap and Questionnaire Answers

Did you miss LSNA's aldermanic forum last Friday, February 8th, 2019? See our answers to our communities' questions here- including responses from the 1st, 26th, 31st, 33rd, and 35th Ward. 

Candidates Promise to Vote No on Mega TIF Bonds at LSNA Aldermanic Forum

Residents of Logan Square, Avondale, Hermosa, and Lathrop packed the auditorium at McAuliffe Elementary (1841 N. Springfield Ave.) Feb. 8 to hear aldermanic candidates speak about the Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s Quality of Life plan, released in December 2018.

Housing organizations OK to sue Cook Assessor over ex-assessor's 'discriminatory' practices

On Feb. 7, Cook County Circuit Judge Celia Gamrath rejected the county’s attempt to pull the plug on the legal action brought by the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and South Suburban Housing Center.

Housing organizations OK to sue Cook Assessor over ex-assessor's 'discriminatory' practices

From Cook County Record: Housing assistance organizations have won the right to continue, for now, with a lawsuit against the Cook County Assessor’s office for past property tax assessment practices they claim discriminated against black and Hispanic homeowners, particularly in Chicago.

On Feb. 7, Cook County Circuit Judge Celia Gamrath rejected the county’s attempt to pull the plug on the legal action brought by the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and South Suburban Housing Center.

How to win over Northwest Side voters: Chicago aldermen candidates hone in on high school plans

Photo Credit: Cassie Walker Burke / Chalkbeat Chicago

Organized by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Friday’s event brought together candidates from six of the city’s most competitive aldermanic races. Thirteen candidates filled the stage, including some incumbents, such as Aldermen Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st  Ward), Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th Ward), and Milly Santiago (31st Ward).

StoryCorps Chicago: ‘Gentrification Is Colonization’

Ashley Galvan Ramos is an anti-gentrification activist in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, where she grew up.

Five Mayoral Hopefuls Commit to Ambitious Progressive Agenda at Forum

“We want the next mayor of Chicago to know we’ve had enough of the devastation in our communities,” said Ashley Galvan Ramos of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, who helped open the event by leading a ‘mic check.’

Chicago Neighborhoods Front And Center At Forum For Mayoral Candidates

“We are here to send a message to the candidates that our communities..."

Activistas presentan plan para frenar el desplazamiento urbano en el vecindario de Hermosa, en Chicago

"Organizaciones comunitarias han diseñado un plan para evitar que en un futuro cercano cientos de latinos sean víctimas del..."

As Gentrification Moves West, Hermosa And Logan Square Leaders Launch Plan To Fight Displacement

"Logan Square Neighborhood Association partnered with Local Initiatives Support Corporation, or LISC, on the 56-page plan, which doubles as a report on the state..."

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