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Logan Square Activists To March For Development Without Gentrification

More than 600 activists and their supporters are planning to march through the neighborhood next week.

JLC and the LSNA Testimonial Video

JLC and the LSNA Testimonial Video

Development In Humboldt Park Sparks Discussions Of Gentrification

“These are monuments to the displacement of working class families in Chicago and it’s a painful..."

Teamwork Englewood’s Grant Will Take Some Safe Passage Workers From The Streets To Inside The Classroom

Teamwork Englewood won a $50,000 grant from the Illinois Parent Mentoring Program, administered by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, according to Rosalind Moore, director of programs for Teamwork Englewood.

How One Alderman Is Working to Demystify Redevelopment

The signage indicating zoning changes is notoriously impenetrable. In Logan Square, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa is rolling out new rules.

Comunidad se reúne para buscar soluciones al desplazamiento urbano en un barrio de Chicago

"Este jueves una iglesia abrió sus puertas para residentes y varias organizaciones que discutieron sobre este fenómeno en Logan Square..."

New Wave of Parent Mentors Graduate Program

"A new wave of extraordinary parents graduated from one of the city’s fastest growing programs, Parent Mentor on Friday, June 8th at Back of the Yards High School. Originally developed by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) in 1995, the Parent Mentor Program has grown...

Lawsuit targets Berrios over biased residential assessments in Cook County

Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios appears before the county board to answer questions raised by a Tribune investigation of property tax rates on July 18, 2017. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

How Can We Keep Neighborhood Investments From Causing Displacement?

“The 606 is a great amenity,” Linares said. He noted that, along with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, LUCHA was a longtime advocate for building the trail. “So when we talked to the mayor’s office about [strategies to maintain affordability] way back in the day, they actually started to open up to us, but by then the plans were already in place...”

12 More Ways To Help Hurricane Victims In Puerto Rico, Mexico

"Locals haven't stopped raising money for disaster victims in Puerto Rico and Mexico as relief efforts continue..."

CPS Set To Hike Property Taxes $177 A Year On Most Homeowners

"Members of the Chicago Teachers Union and several community groups rallied Thursday at City Hall to tell members of the City Council's Finance Committee that despite the looming tax hike, schools are still underfunded — and few have librarians or enough counselors to help students..."

Youth Rally Blocks The 606 To Keep Anti-Gentrification Ordinance On Track

"Logan Square has always been my home. I went to grade school in Logan Square and all my memories are in Logan Square. I've seen Latinx people leave, and luxury developments pop up, and I've started to feel unwelcome in my community"

Residentes de zonas aledañas al sendero 606 se manifiestan para que protejan viviendas asequibles

"Concejales de Chicago presentarán una ordenanza, con el fin de apoyar a la comunidad, que impondría una cuota a los desarrolladores que planean demoler edificios."

Parents Pressure Mayor to Keep Schools Open with TIF Funds

“CPS parents know that closing the schools on June 1st will result in more violence and less support for their children’s education. This is unacceptable in the face of hundreds of millions of dollars in TIF funds going to millionaires in downtown,”

Fed Up With Gentrification, Latino Teens In Logan Fight Back With Festival

"We're not going to allow developers or Realtors tell [our] stories for us"

Piden cambios en la ordenanza 'Welcoming City' con una marcha durante el Domingo de Ramos

"Líderes religiosos, activistas y la comunidad de Chicago se movilizaron con el fin exigir más protección para los indocumentados y las víctimas de crímenes."

"Know Your Rights" Video Release from Estudiantes Sin Fronteras

"Estudiantes Sin Fronteras, (Students Without Borders), a Schurz student organization, recently released an updated version of their "Know Your Rights" video to educate immigrants and community members on how to exercise their rights when confronted with a variety of immigration-enforcement scenarios."

Nueve escuelas públicas de Chicago se declaran santuario para inmigrantes

"Miembros de la Asociación de Vecindarios de Logan Square (LSNA) junto a funcionarios públicos electos, directores y padres de estudiantes se dieron cita afuera de la primaria Frederick Funston para anunciar en días recientes que nueve escuelas "

Workshops help teachers cope with students’ immigration fears

“We noticed there was a huge amount of anxiety permeating schools,” said Bridget Murphy, of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. “How do you concentrate in school if you’re concerned about this?”

Duckworth Touts Public Education, College Affordability at Parent Mentor Conference in Chicago

“I’m a strong proponent of public education because I’m a product of public education,” said Senator Duckworth. “It’s crucial that every child gets the attention and resources they need to succeed in school, no matter where they’re from, and I commend those participating in the Parent Mentor Program for their work to engage students in new and powerful ways.”

Escuelas en Logan Square anuncian que se convertirán en santuario para inmigrantes

"Las escuelas ofrecerán talleres informativos para padres y también para maestros."

Logan Square Schools Are Now 'Sanctuary Zones,' Declares Neighborhood Group

“We want to show our students that they are not alone. You are more than a status; you are a human.”

"Kelvyn Park’s buy in rate has dropped continuously since 2008. Negative perceptions in the community, administrative instability and the opening of alternative options have all contributed to a decline..."
$1,595 For A Studio In Logan Square? New Normal Worries Longtime Residents

"I guess I'm confused. Those towers and all of these new developments .... maybe [they're] affordable for a certain demographic, but that's not the demographic that's being displaced..."

Residentes marcharon para construcción de vivienda pública en Logan Square

Disfrazados como la escena bíblica en que José y María buscan posada para pasar la noche en Belén, residentes de Logan Square se movilizaron para luchar por vivienda accesible en esa área para familias de bajos recursos. la manifestación se llevo a acabo dentro del marco de La Posada

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