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Community supports Ames Middle School. Another Logan Square victory last night.

At the risk of turning my blog into a local neighborhood news outlet, I want to report on the Ames Middle School victory.

Along with electing Will Guzzardi as our next State Representative, this was a big victory for the people.

Ames Middle School is a successful Logan Square neighborhood school that the Chicago school board – with the backing of Rahm and Alderman Roberto Maldonado – wants to convert to a military academy.

Ames Middle School activists were able to provide the eight precincts surrounding Ames with a non-binding referendum on the ballot.

Opposition to the military take-over of Ames Middle School won by a three to two margin.

Neighborhood school supporters were so confident their Ames plan would pass by a comfortable margin that even before the vote, they billed the gathering at Weegee’s for a “victory party.”

The results will be presented to the School Board on March 26 providing the officials “a great opportunity for them to go back and reflect on their vote in December,” said neighborhood activist Leticia Barrera.

“This is what democracy looks like,” said Barrera.


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