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Ames Student selected for Community Service Project in Costa Rica through The Road Less Travelled

Brendan A., an Ames Middle School student, is in the back row wearing the red shirt.

Note: Brendan participates in the Elev8 Program at Ames Middle School and is our first student to be part of this Costan Rican service project through The Road Less Travelled.  We look forward to providing this opportunity to more students in the coming years.

     Report from El Sendero Service Project in Costa Rica

How crazy it is that we are down to our final few days together. We have experienced and learned so much, not only from each other but also from the communities we've visited and the places we've seen. The past week has been busy, as we have spent more than half of it finishing our work at the school in El Coco. 
We worked hard and quickly to finish up as many projects that Fabian and Memo had planned. These included finishing paint jobs throughout the school, constructing a life-sized dollhouse for the elementary kids, and continuing to sand and perfecting desks.
We enjoyed delicious meals cooked by a woman in the community and constant fun with the children throughout the school day. We played intense soccer games in the afternoon and found refuge most days in a nearby creek where we could rinse off, splash and play. 
The final night spent in the community was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the trip so far. The group was invited to a woman's house nearby the school for a celebration. The moms who had been cooking for us, along with other community members, thanked us kindly for all three El Sendero's contributions. They thanked us not only for the work done at the school but for all the stories and moments we shared together this summer. Our group then gave a speech where each participant was able to say one thing they had learned in their time in the community; in Spanish of course! After the speeches we enjoyed pizza and soda, and said our goodbyes to all the people we had grown so fond of over the past eight days. 
Finally, we put away our work gloves and headed to Cahuita for a chance to sea kayak, surf and enjoy the ocean.  
Brendan A. enjoyed his first dip in the ocean and, as he noted, it was very salty! From the first wave to the last, he was hooked. He learned to jump over the waves, jump under the waves and even ride them with a surfboard. We hope his relationship with the sea will grow and flourish in the future. 


--Brendan's school mates are looking forward to hearing all about his summer adventures when he returns to school. Proud of you Brendan!

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