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Ames Middle School belongs to the Community. But Ald. Maldonado wants to give it to Marine Military HS.

Ames Middle School Belongs to theCommunity!
But Ald. Maldonado is again trying to give it to Marine Military High School
He is going to the CPS Board meeting next Wednesday to ask that Marine Military be put into Ames in September!

Call these CPS people to stop him!
David Vitale, board president, 773-553-1600
Barbara Byrd Bennett, CPS CEO, 773-553-1500

Come to Board meeting July 24
call Lety at 773-384-4370 for more info)

Ames parents fought for 15 months to keep Ames a community school.  The Board agreed.  They moved Faulkner and Barry 7th graders into Ames to fill empty seats.  Registration is still going on.

But Ald. Maldonado is trying again

Questionable statements to push his agenda: 

Mis-statement # 1
Maldonado says that Marine sends 95% of its graduates to college

Truth # 1: 
Marine only graduated 56.5% of the 122 students who entered as freshmen 4 years ago.  That is a terrible retention record.   A selective military school will PUSH OUT students with special learning needs and students who don’t fit in. 

Mis-statement #2:
Maldonado says Ames is “gang-infested.”  This is a falsehood and an  insult to our neighborhood! 

Truth # 2: 
Ames is a Level 2 school with increasing success.   (ie. CPS ranks Ames just as high as Marine.)

Did you know?

  • Ames parents did a door-to-door community survey.  87.39% of the 357 persons surveyed did not want a military high school at Ames. 
  • Ames Middle School building is not the personal property of Ald. Maldonado.  It belongs to the Community. 
  • Board president David Vitale assured Ames parent Emma Valle that there were ‘no plans for Ames.’ 
  •  Ald. Maldonado did not invite Ames parents to his “community meeting” last Tuesday.
  • The History. Logan Square Neighborhood Association fought to get Ames (1920 N. Hamlin) built to serve the entire community. Over the last 12 years, LSNA, Elev8 and Ames have built comprehensive community school programs—including PrimeCare Health Center, mentoring, sports, art, tutoring, counseling and university campus trips—for students and their families. All of this work could be dismantled if a military school is imposed at Ames without a real community process.                                                                                                                                                              

For more information, please contact Leticia Barrera at LSNA (773) 384-4370 or

Labor Beat video - Ames School Community Says NO to Military! November 16, 2012.



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