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Mandatory update - people CURRENTLY on Public HCV and Scattered Site Wait Lists MUST update their information.

  • What:  Mandatory Update for all Persons currently on Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and Scattered Sites Wait Lists
  • When:  December 3, 2012 to January 18, 2013
  • Where:  Online at  or via phone at (888) 223-7039 or TTY (800) 526-0855 or at nine CHA computer labs throughout the city
  • Why:  To house applicants faster; allow current public housing applicants to select region of city where they want to live; and connect current applicants to housing that best meets their needs such aas unit size, ADA, etc.
     CHICAGO:  In an effort to house 85,000 people on current Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) wait lists faster and to allow public housing applicants to select the region of the city in which they want to live for the first time ever; CHA will update its current wait lists.
     The mandatory update is only for individuals currently on the Public Housing, HCV and Scattered Sites wait lists.  This is not a wait list opening.
The update will take place from 12/03/12-01/18/13.
     Those who are on a Wait List will be asked to update their contact information and preferences at during the seven week period so CHA can ensure that the data base is current.  The survey takes 15 minutes to complete.  Those who do not update their information will be considered no longer interested and may be removed from a wait list.  All individuals who apply for the wait list are required to keep CHA informed of their contact information.
     "With such a critical housing need in the City of Chicago, this update will allow us to house people faster and to more efficiently provide public housing and Housing Choice Vouchers to tens of thousands of low-income residents," Charles Woodyard, CHA CEO said.
     A new option will allow public housing applicants to select the region of the city in which they want to live.  The new update will also give applicants the opportunity to connect to housing that best meets their needs, such as unit size, ADA requirements and other special needs.
     In preparation for the update, CHA will notify all 85,000 applicants via mail, email and multiple phone calls.  The update is completed via a 20-question survey available online at via phone (888) 223-7039 from 8 am to 6pm Monday through Friday from 12/03/12-01/18/03; and available at nine CHA computer labs throughout the city at the following locations:
  1. Charles Hayes Family Investment Center, 4859 S. Wabash
  2. CHA Central Office, 60 E Van Buren
  3. HCV Regional Office, 2750 W Roosevelt
  4. HCV Regional Office, 10 W 35th Street
  5. Altgeld Gardens, 976 E 132nd Place
  6. Lowden Homes, 95th Place at Wentworth Avenut
  7. Dearborn Homes, 2840 S. State Street
  8. Lawndale Gardens, 2501 W. California
  9. CHA Office, 4429 N. Clifton

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