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Keep Ames a Community School - SIGN and SHARE the Petition

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Ames parents conducted a door-to-door survey with 357 parents and community members, and 87% did not want Ames converted to a military school. 95% wanted Ames to remain a community school, open to all neighborhood students. Ames is a good school (Level 2), an improving school (a great new principal) and has been a center of community since the community fought to have it build 14 years ago. It has many wonderful programs for youth and a health clinic, created with millions of dollars raised by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and LISC-Chicago. 

Ames sits right by 3 Logan Square elementary schools. Ald. Maldonado is the only one who wants to take this beautiful new building, and give it to a citywide selective military high school. CPS has promised community process, transparency and no back door deals. This is a test case.

Ames area parents and LSC members formed the Logan Square School Faciltiies Council in April to find the best educational solution for Ames' empty seats. Tell Maldonado and CPS to work with the LSSFC to find the best solution. There are many possibilities. No back door deals!

  • Roberto Maldonado, 26 ward alderman 
  • Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago 
  • Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Chicago Public Schools CEO 
Keep Ames a community school. No military school.

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