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New Book Praises LSNA’s Work with Logan Square parents

Do you feel comfortable when you walk into your child’s school?  Have you spent time in classrooms as a Parent Mentor or Parent Tutor?  Do you or your children take classes in LSNA’s Community Learning Centers?  Do you feel that you are part of the school community and can advocate for you children?

            If you are in an LSNA school, chances are you will say YES

A new book from Harvard Education Press gives an inside view of how LSNA’s

18years of work with Logan Square schools has created welcoming, family-friendly and much better schools.   A Cord of Three Strands, by Prof. Soo Hong gives an inside view of how parents, teachers, principals and LSNA organizers work together for children.  It shows how immigrant mothers gain confidence, improve their English, find friends and learn to help and fight for their children as Parent Mentors in the schools.

Not every Chicago school knows how to partner with parents.  They should.  Soo shows how LSNA’s programs provide an open door to parents and transform their relationships to schools.  Family-friendly schools are child-friendly schools.

 You may have met Soo when she was in Logan Square over the 2007-08 school year, sitting in trainings and interviewing parents.  Soo is a former teacher, the child of  Korean immigrants, and now the mother of two small children.  She learned Spanish just so she could talk with LSNA Parent Mentors.  She respected all of us and holds our work up as a national model.  She wrote a wonderful book. 


Soo Hong will speak at

LSNA’s Education Fair,

April 28, 4-7 pm

Funston School, 2010 N. Central Pk. 

- tours of LSNA programs

- panel discussion of Soo’s book 

Click here to purchase a copy of A Cord of Three Strands from the Harvard Education Press or read here for more national publications featuring LSNA's education work.

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