Ames Middle School Victory despite Marines at polling places
" Uniformed Marines have no business hanging around polling places during an election -- unless…
Meet the Ames Press Club 2012 to 2013
Meet the student reporters and the adult advisors who are part of Ames Press Club.
Military in Ames
Ames Press Club asks: What do kids at Ames think about the upcoming transformation of their school?
Ames Elev8 Musicians in Los Angeles
Bravo to Frank & Luis who performed with the Simon Bolivar Orchesra of Venezuela in February.
VOYCE leaders from LSNA and APNC meet with Senator Dick Durbin re Juvenile Justice (VIDEO)
Peace Reconciliation and Education NOT Incarceration.
Ames Community Assembles at CPS Headquarters: We Demand Open, Transparent and Democratic Decision-making; Respect for the Students; and Keep Our School a Neighborhood School!
"[County Commissioner Edwin Reyes] pointed out that this is being portrayed as just an issue for…
Ames Parents, Students Call on CPS to Observe Referendum
"The community has said, unequivocally, 'We do not want this,'" Reyes said.
Ames Parents, Students Call on CPS to Observe Referendum (full article)
"The community has said, unequivocally, 'We do not want this,'" Reyes said.
Community Group To Chicago Board Of Ed: Let Voters Decide Fate Of Ames
Let the voters decide. Vote March 18th in Ward 1 : pct 26 Ward 26: Pct 8,23,24,49 Ward 35: 12,13,16
More transparency from Mayor Rahm and CPS
In short, it took CPS eight months to send her little more than a blank piece of paper. To be fair…
SAVE AMES press conference today at 9:45
SAVE AMES Committee will ask CPS Board to take no action, and particularly sign no contracts that…
Ames School Referendum - Labor Beat Video
Ames 8th grade student Jasmine Marchan stood before the CPS representative and asked him "Why fix…
LET THE VOTERS DECIDE THE FUTURE OF AMES!!! SAVE AMES Community School referendum/March 18 th primary ballot
Mayor Emanuel sends the marines into Ames Middle School
Politicians move forward with their plan to convert the neighborhood school into a military academy.
Latino Moms Team Up to Teach Chicago's Youngest
"In recent years, [LSNA] has gained attention for training parents to be mentors in their…
Their children’s first teachers: Latino parents targeted in early education efforts
"Laura Barrios, a 31-year-old mother of three, was petrified to speak as a panelist at a breakfast…
Conference Emphasizes Need for Parent Engagement in Education
Both Seattle and Logan Square programs emphasize that parent and community engagement is essential…
Power of parents: Event hosted by Education Lab and Road Map fosters ideas on engagement
On February 6, LSNA organizers Joanna Brown and Tami Love were in Seattle to speak about Logan…
Ames community down but not out in fight to save neighborhood school
“It’s not a fight we should be having,” said Christian Diaz, Logan Square…
CPS wants to convert Ames Middle School to a marine academy
In December 2014 the CPS Board voted to convert Ames Middle School into Marine Math and Science…
Siguen dando préstamos para Acción Diferida
Buscan vencer el obstáculo financiero que enfrentan los jóvenes solicitantes de la…
Parents can be vital in boosting schools
With humor and enthusiasm, Monica Soto-Espinoza tells parents why she didn’t quit on her…

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