LSNA Supports Key Issues at United Power Fall Action Assembly

Lissette and Blagojevich

My name is Lissette Castañeda and I am the First Vice-President of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. Logan Square is the place where I live, work and worship. I see first hand the struggles that families are facing in our neighborhood. I see people strive towards the American Dream, but because of rising rents, mortgages, and property taxes that dream is less and less attainable for the working class families in my community.

I know families who are ready to buy a home, but cannot afford to do so in the neighborhood they love. I know families who own two or three flat buildings and who can’t find tenants who are willing to pay the high rents they have to charge in order to pay the mortgage and always rising property taxes. Young adults, like my sister and me, dream of careers that will allow us to help our parents financially, but our parents can barely afford to send us to college because they must choose between paying tuition and paying the mortgage.

My parish community is being torn apart. Parishioners have little time to get involved in the parish life because they have to work a second and third job. Children are no longer able to go to school with the same classmates from kindergarten to eighth grade. All because of the rising cost of living in our neighborhood. I feel saddest for those who have been in our neighborhood for decades. The ones who raised their children, who fought to have a safe neighborhood, who got involved in the schools, who made the neighborhood a desirable place to live. Now they are being forced out.

We need affordable housing so that teachers, factory workers and nurses can afford to live and raise their families in neighborhoods like Logan Square. We need to have the leadership that is shamefully lacking on this issue.