Annual Congress Highlights 12 Months of Victories


eighborhood victories from the past 12 months were on

display Tuesday at Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s 45th annual Congress.


10 new citizens took the stage; one of them, Prodijios Alejandre, filled out a voter registration card and presented it in front of the crowd of 500 to City Clerk Miguel del Valle;


160 parent mentors and tutors were recognized;


65 parents who are studying to be bilingual teachers through LSNA’s “Grow Your Own Teachers” program stood up;


100 GED graduates who got their degrees at LSNA community learning centers were honored for their achievement (and so were the community center workers themselves, most of them parents whose children attend local schools), and


Local officials and LSNA President Delia Ramirez praised the organization for saving 54 affordable apartments in the Lorington buildings, 52 units in the Tianguis complex on Milwaukee; helping to reopen the MegaMall, stopping 160 expensive new condos at Milwaukee and Central Park, and saving the Cooper Lamps building for jobs;

“You have effectively advocated for education, housing, employment, public safety and other key issues, without which many people who have made Logan Square their home for decades would not have been able to stay,” said Del Valle. “You have stabilized and strengthened the community and for that I am very proud.”Ramirez thanked Alds. Billy Ocasio and Manny Flores for their strong support on affordable housing issues, particularly “Balanced Development”—commitment toaffordable housing in our community.“You are heroes,” Ramirez said.

She noted that today the housing crisis in Logan Square is directly affecting all of the amazing successes LSNA has had in local schools as rising housing costs are causing the rapid loss of students. The day before the Congress, a lame duck City Council quickly passed a weakened version of the ordinance which was sponsored by Mayor Daley despite the efforts of Ocasio, Flores and others to strengthen the law.

All agreed the fight was not over. “Long-time Logan Square residents are being pushed out of the neighborhood,” said President Ramirez. “We need more affordable housing.” Also announced at the meeting were items on the agenda for the coming year, including: addressing condo conversions and the ongoing development of “School to School” Affordable Housing on Armitage Avenue.