Gone but Not Forgotten


channa Gayden was a 13-year-old girl enjoying her afternoon in the Funston School playground when she was fatally shot in a gang-related crossfire. Her young life was taken away in a second but the memory of her short-lived life will live on forever. 

Schanna Gayden was an honor roll student at Ames Middle School. She was an all-star basketball player. Her number 33 jersey will be retired and presented to her family. "Schanna has a room in my heart. It is locked right now, but the key is all the memories I have of

her. When I think about her, the door to her room in my heart opens," says her grandmother Ms. Joyce Mitchell.

Lorraine Cruz, principal of Ames Middle School, will dedicate the next school year to Schanna; the Ames school curriculum will have a stronger focus on stopping the violence. The Ames School gymnasium has also been dedicated to Schanna.

We all wish her family many blessings throughout this tragic time.

A foundation has been set up through Chase Bank in Schanna’s name. If you are interested in making a donation, please make the check out to Rita Sallie and write “Schanna Gayden” in the memo line.

If you would like to donate household materials for Schanna’s family, please contact Ms. Marks or Elva Guzman at Ames, 773 534-4970.