Lack of Budget Is Dismantling Critical State Services

The lack of a fully funded, year-long budget is dismantling critical state services. Children, seniors, and people with disabilities are among the hardest hit, according to a new report from the Fiscal Policy Center. The report captures the ongoing damage happening across state service areas in communities across the state — damage that will continue to grow in coming weeks without a fully funded budget.
Click here to ask lawmakers and the governor to stop the dismantling of critical state services by choosing revenue and passing a fully funded, year-long budget.
While some services are being partially funded as a result of court orders or the availability of federal dollars, the lack of state appropriations has resulted in the deterioration — and in a growing number of cases, the elimination — of critical services. As the report shows, the harm is widespread, ranging from afterschool programs and autism services to conservation police and support services for seniors.
Who is left standing at the end is completely in the hands of Governor Rauner and the General Assembly. To prevent further damage to children, families, and communities, lawmakers and the governor need to take responsibility for funding our state’s priorities by restoring the revenue we need to fully fund a year-long budget.
Urge the governor and lawmakers to take action now to fully fund programs that invest in children, families, and communities. 
We’ll be in touch again soon. Thanks for supporting children and families. 
Emily Miller
Policy and Advocacy Director
PS: Voices will keep pushing the governor and lawmakers to come to an agreement to move our state forward. Will you help us by taking a moment to let them know that they must act now choose revenue over destructive cuts?
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