LSNA Receives Financial Analysis Service Grant from Taproot Foundation

In FY14, LSNA was the recipient of a Financial Analysis Service Grant from Taproot Foundation. The grant provided LSNA with a pro bono team of financial experts to work closely with LSNA's Finance and Development departments and our Parent Engagement Institute.

Over a period of six months, the Team worked with LSNA to develop a financial model to understand the financial impact of our Parent Engagement Institute while incorporating a structure to review, evaluate, and determine all fixed and variable costs related to PEI training services.

Taproot Pro Bono Consultant Team members (who have collective work experience in finance, strategy, management and operations, business development) include:

Jason Fredrick, Account Director 
Darrel Grove, Project Manager 
Brad Goodman, Financial Consultant 
Maura Mitchell, Financial Analyst

In the end, the Team provided assistance beyond the scope of the Taproot grant by developing not just a PEI pricing model, but also a Grant Tracking tool to track all organizational contracts and grant prospects.

Thank you to Taproot Foundation & its Team of Pro Bono Professionals for your priceless assistance. We really appreciate the Team's professionalism, enthusiasm, and flexibility in making this an informative learning endeavor. with a valuable outcome!