Ames Middle School Victory despite Marines at polling places

RUSSIAN TROOPS IN CRIMEA? NO... They're uniformed U.S. Marines standing outside of  polling places on Chicago's northwest side where voting was taking place on whether or not to turn Ames Middle School into a Marine military academy. According to reports, the Marines were pushing voters to support the militarization of Ames.

But the voters weren't intimidated (Marines weren't armed). Two out of three of them voted to keep Ames a community school, in yesterday's referendum. Although the referendum is nonbinding, those opposed to the militarization of Ames said they hoped it will send another strong message to CPS, the School Board and politicians that the majority of nearby residents truly do not want to see the school become a military academy.

"This is what democracy looks like," said neighborhood activist Leticia Barrera. Probably needs a question mark after like.