HUD seeking Letters of Support for historic preservation of Lathrop Homes


Dear Lathrop Homes residents, alumni, neighbors and allies -- 

     The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) is seeking letters from various organizations assessing the potential for historic preservation of the Lathrop Homes and commenting on the scenarios released by the development team in November.
     These letters can come from a wide variety of organizations, or from individuals with expertise or knowledge (letters can be e-mailed in PDF format).  LSNA needs your help to reach out to appropriate groups and people.  Please let us know your suggestions.

For example, letters could come from: 

In their letters, organizations should:

     To see visuals of the 3 scenarios: visit  Scroll down until and you will find a video and a PDF summary for the Riverworks, Gateways and Greenscapes scenarios.  (Riverworks and Gateways would preserve some of the existing buildings; Greenscapes would only preserve the power plant.)  Although the development team has already announced some changes since the release of the scenarios in November, HUD encourages Consulting Parties to comment on the scenarios.  

     In addition to looking at the scenarios, we recommend reviewing the pdf updated 'Facts & Figures' sheet, which provides you with all the basic numbers for Lathrop today, our preservation vision, the CHA's guidelines from 2010, the developers' scenarios from November, and the revised numbers the developers' have announced since then.

Letters should be mailed to...

Mr. Steven E. Meiss, Director
Illinois Office of Public Housing
77 W. Jackson, 24th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604

...or e-mailed as a PDF to Meiss through his staff person Erik Sandstedt at

Please also e-mail that PDF to me so we can keep copies of as many letters as possible.  Thank you!

John McDermott 

     UPDATE:  Here are several resources that could be helpful in preparing your organization's letter to HUD to comment on the case for historic preservation at Lathrop and on the three scenarios proposed last November. 

     First, here is what HUD received from the development team, Lathrop Community Partners, last month (HUD then forwarded these documents to the current Consulting Parties):

Second, here are preservation studies and fact sheets that you may want to cite or quote in your letter.