Parent Mentorship Program for Local Schools

Maria Villarreal

A new mentoring program focused on utilizing parents at Moline and East Moline schools, began training today.

Parents, primarily low–income mothers, are trained and placed in public school classrooms to work with students four days a week for two hours."Opportunity to learn more, train the parents, and I love working with children, and I love the school," said Maria Villarreal, one of the mentors.

The goal is to improve student test scores, and build strong relationships between parents, staff, and students.

Bridget Murphy

"It's an unbelievable opportunity for parents to really get an insider's perspective on what the school is like," said Bridget Murphy of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association in Chicago, which originally started the program.

The program starts the first week of February at Ericsson Elementary in Moline and Hillcrest Elementary in East Moline.


WHBF-TV video clip here.
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