About Us


Logan Square Neighborhood Association/Leaders Shaping Neighborhood Action (LSNA) is a community-based organization advancing diversity, leader development, and models for engagement as the catalyst for social justice.

Statement of Work

We are a multi-issue community organization, directly serving more than 6,500 residents across the Logan Square, Hermosa, and Avondale neighborhoods of Chicago, and impacting tens of thousands more through nationally-recognized issue campaigns and programs. Every piece of LSNA’s work is done in deep consultation and partnership with leaders in the communities we serve. Thirty-eight community institutions including schools, churches, block clubs, and agencies are members of LSNA. Additionally, LSNA is a leader in deep city- and state-wide coalitions in order to achieve our collective goals.

 LSNA believes that through the love of our community, all people can lift their voices collectively, lead with strength and power, and shape our neighborhood with vitality. All of our work is integrated toward building a community in which mostly low-income, immigrant families have opportunities to be more engaged in the decisions that impact their lives, to connect with larger networks for greater impact, and to move toward prosperity.

 LSNA is working to address the root causes of poverty and community instability, which we interpret as lack of affordable housing, inadequate quality education, fear and isolation due to discrimination, and limited access to jobs with growth opportunities. We are working to improve local public schools by transforming them as centers of community, developing parents as leaders, and providing integrated supports to both students and their families. We lead innovative efforts on immigrant integration, early childhood education, and bilingual/bicultural workforce and curricula that provide career opportunities for traditionally isolated residents, while our youth leaders nurture restorative justice and inspire community healing. LSNA stewards policies that protect tenants’ rights and support diverse communities, as we believe that preventing the displacement of residents and the loss of rental housing stock is crucial to our other efforts that target the root causes of poverty. With stable housing, families can keep their children in local schools and maintain their social capital and efficacy through the web of relationships they have built in local institutions and through the leadership development opportunities they enjoy as LSNA participants. They will continue to enjoy a community with improving schools, safe streets, expanded park space, and good transit. With strategies in place to minimize displacement, our community will offer an alternative to Chicago’s historic patterns of racial and economic segregation. 

 Current Programs