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Important Community Meeting re Development at 2293 N Milwaukee

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Original Proposal

Alderman Joe Moreno (1st) announced a public community meeting re proposed development on Max Gerber site, at 2293 N. Milwaukee Ave., across from Cozy Corner restaurant.

This coming Monday (March 30) at 6:30 pm at the Haas Park Field House, at the corner of Fullerton and Washtenaw (2700 W).

This development could have a huge impact on the neighborhoods around Goethe, Darwin and Chase schools -- and beyond.
This will be the second public meeting with developers Robert Buono and Paul Utigard.

At the first meeting, on October 30th, developers presented plans for 15-story tower linked to an 11-story tower, with a total of 253 apartments with estimated the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment at $2,700 per month.

Community members at that meeting overwhelmingly opposed the plan.  We don't know what changes the developers have made since then.

It's crucial for community residents, merchants and institutional leaders to attendMonday's meeting and see the revised plans.
In addition to concerns about density and precedent, LSNA leaders noted that the "affordable units" in the October plan were not actually affordable to moderate-income families trying to stay in the community and the units were not large enough for families.

The plan put also private green space, behind an ivy-covered fence, along Milwaukee Ave., instead of storefronts.  Many community residents also expressed concern that setting a precedent for such tall buildings would generate pressure to tear down existing buildings in the area and drive up storefront rents.
Please help spread the word about this meeting.  

Important Community Meeting re Development at 2293 N Milwaukee

2402 N Washtenaw, Washtenaw & Fullerton
Chicago, IL 60647

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