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Equal Voice Online Convention

LSNA Cheering

Link to a recent article about the upcoming Equal Voice Convention here.

Sunday May 20, 2012.  In Chicago you may log on from 2pm-4pm here to watch the Convention and vote on the platform by text message.

On Sunday, May 20th, families across the country will be linked together online by a live webcast (similar to live TV, but on the internet) during which a moderator will share goals, present some of the updates to the Equal Voices for America's Family Campaign platform, and facilitate voting on platform issues. There will be 3 satellite sites with speakers and performers featured throughout the webcast. Participants around the world will be able to ask questions in real time, discuss the issues with others around the country, and vote with thousands of other families to inform updates to the national family platform.

The webcast will run in Chicago at 2 pm. It will be accessible via smartphone or computer.

Participants around the country will be able to interact with the Webcast through text voting, online commenting, and social media.

A key LSNA funder, the Marguerite Casey Foundation will compile and produce an updated 2012 Equal Voices for America's Family Campaign platform based on the input from Webcast participants. This platform will be used to inspire dialogue, action and change in policymaking across the country at all levels of government.

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