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Financing Community Schools: Leveraging Resources to Support Student Success

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In an effort to help in your work around making schools the centers of your communities, the Coalition for Community Schools has recently released this report: Financing Community Schools: Leveraging Resources to Support Student Success.  The report finds that community schools have organized themselves to address constant financial challenges by breaking down funding silos and leveraging resources to support students. The report clearly shows that community schools efficiently leverage dollars to support student learning. The report highlights five findings:

1.       Community schools use the bulk of their resources to directly assist schools in meeting their core instructional mission, while also strengthening the health and well-being of students, families and neighborhoods.

2.       Community schools leverage $3 for every dollar invested by school districts.

3.       Collaborative leadership structures support finance and other key functions at the school and system level.

4.       A mix of public and private sector partners expands financial, as well as technical and political capacity.

5.       Full-time site coordination contributes essential site level capacity at minimal cost.