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Welcome, New Logan Square Principals!


Mauricio Segovia, Darwin Elementary School 

Mr. Mauricio Segovia

Mauricio Segovia, the new principal at Darwin Elementary School, is not a stranger to change. He was born in Chile and immigrated to Chicago as an adult, working as a low-wage factory worker when he first arrived. Education has always been at the center of his career. Besides 15 years of teaching experience with CPS in bilingual education and math, he taught in a one-room school house in Ecuador and high school philosophy in Chile. Immediately prior to joining Darwin, Mr. Segovia served as assistant principal at Tonti School on the southwest side.
 His goals include increasing student enrollment and re-gaining teaching positions lost by making Darwin School the best learning environment in the area. In order to accomplish this goal, he will support teachers' professional growth and leadership development in the school community. Technology has a special place in his heart, and he plans to transform the school’s technology condition.

Isabel Téllez, Kelvyn Park High School 

Ms. Isabel Tellez

Isabel Téllez, the new principal at Kelvyn Park High School, quite literally will go the extra mile for her students, walking for blocks to bring students back to school. Ms. Téllez has kept up her commitment to students through over 20 years at CPS. Before Kelvyn Park, Ms. Téllez served as assistant principal at Reilly School. She has also worked for the board and as an ESL teacher.
 A goal for Ms. Téllez is for her students to be proud of their school and their community. She also plans to work towards creating an environment in the school that is positive and safe so that learning can take place.

Thomas Hoffmann, Ames Middle School

Mr. Thomas Hoffmann

 “Between the community partners, the excellent teachers and the great kids, I’m expecting great things,” said Thomas Hoffmann, the new principal at Ames Middle School. Raised on a farm in Nebraska, he watched things grow, change and develop as the result of daily work, a joy he carries with him into education. Prior to joining Ames, Mr. Hoffmann worked for nine years in education, mainly in high-need schools in Arizona and Kenwood Academy High School in Chicago. Middle schools are his niche, because they combine “the structure of a high school and the caring of an elementary school.” One of his goals for Ames is to develop the partnership with LSNA and Elev8 to build seamless integration between the instructional day and the afterschool programming. “I want Ames to not only be a school of choice, but I want our students to be the ones that high schools seek out,” stated Mr. Hoffmann.