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LSNA Continues Organizing despite DREAM Act Failure

Marilyn Adames, a Monroe School Parent Mentor and Immigration Committee member, made hundreds of calls, sent hundreds of emails and faxes and helped ensure that a majority of our U.S. representatives supported the DREAM Act.

But the Act did not get enough votes to become a law in December when the DREAM Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives and received a majority of votes in the Senate but fell short due to procedural maneuvering.

Adames and other other immigrants and immigrant advocates were devastated. “It was so disappointing,” said Adames.  “We got so close, and it’s needed so desperately. There are so many young people that are immigrants but they are Americans. They should be able to live a normal life without having to look over their shoulders constantly.  We’re sad but we’ve still got hope…we’re holding on and we’re going to keep fighting.”

LSNA’s Immigration Committee is turning its attention to organize to protect immigrants here in Illinois and to provide information and support to families whose status leaves them vulnerable to deportation.  Nine members of the committee attended a two-day training on Jan 15-16 called “Deportations 101” and learned how to: protect immigrants and lessen risks of detention and deportation, develop trainings on “Know Your Rights” to deliver throughout the community, and strategize on how to stop deportations in Chicago and beyond.

Currently eight committee members are trained to provide “Know your Rights” trainings and five have already been offered in the community.  To schedule a “Know your Rights” training for your group or organization, please call Susan at LSNA.