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LSNA Recognizes 12 Crossing Guards as Part of Illinois Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Logan Square Neighborhood Association recognized 12 crossing guards at 5 Logan Square schools as part of Illinois Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, on May 6th.
Kathleen Keenan-Renkosiak from 25th Police District offers warm smiles and "have a great day" greetings to children walking to and from Monroe School at the intersection of Central Park and Schubert. Safetyis crucial if we want our children to walk to and from school.

Marta Juarez, Parent Mentor/Parent Patrol Coordinator, Kathleen Keenan-Renkosiak, 25th Police District, Maria Alviso, Monroe Community Learning Center Coordinator, both LSNA staff along with Monroe School Principal, Mr. Rivera.


Other participating schools: Mozart, Funston, McAuliffe, Avondale and Ames Middle School.