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LSNA Communication Campaign and Illinois Youth Survey

LSNA has worked for over 10 years on Prevention Programs in Logan Square, Avondale and Lathrop communities. We have created Block Clubs, addressed safety issues and collaborated with other community agencies to address prevention on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD). Currently our goal is to bring the awareness of alcohol abuse by youth ages 10 – 17 will assist this goal by creating media campaigns that will be distributed and posted through out the community.

The youth poster will sent out a message of its acceptance to their peers and consenting adults of its use, and ultimately decrease its use.  The youth's message throughout this Communication Campaign will be "Say No to Alcohol, Alcohols is a Drug."

Bring Prevention Science to your Schools and Community

Get vital information you need at no cost to your school.

  • "What kinds of substance abuse are children exposed to in our community?"
  • "How many of our youth are involved in substance abuse practices?"
  • "What can we do to help our youth avoid the consequences of substance abuse?"

These are questions that concerned educators and parents often ask.

One point is clear; knowledge can be an important tool when it comes to preventing substance abuse among school students. The more information your school leadership has, the better able it is to develop effective programs and support.

That’s the philosophy behind the Illinois Youth Survey. It’s a program scientifically designed to gather up-to-the-moment student information. It provides the background that can help your school address the issues that lead to substance abuse and provide better outreach for youth at risk.

The survey is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Human Services. That means youth in your area can take part – at no cost to your school.

Drug prevention becomes a science when:

  • It is based on measured substance use rates.
  • It matches community risk profiles with proven ways to decrease risks.
  • It measures progress made in strengthening protective factors, decreasing risk factors and decreasing substance abuse.

Illinois Youth Survey gives your school leadership the information it needs to develop effective tools and solutions.

  • It gives accurate rates of substance abuse, as well as related problems such as youth violence.
  • It measures key risk factors, such as access to drugs, peer drug attitudes and family rules.
  • It's available to schools every two years, so changes over time can be monitored, and your prevention efforts can be adjusted to be most effective.
  • It costs schools nothing. Sponsorship is provided from the Illinois Department of Human Services for use in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12.
  • It can be administered in 45 minutes or less.
  • It's available on-line or printed.
  • It's available in Spanish.

Next Illinois Youth Survey will be conducted in 2011-2012

We invite all schools in and near Logan Square to call LSNA to find more about the IYS and who your school can participate for next year.

The above work is funded by Illinois Department of Human Services.

For more information, please contact Rosita De La Rosa-Prevention Specialist Director at LSNA 773 384-4370 ext. 10 or email