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Summer of Welcoming Spaces

LSNA’s efforts to build safe spaces for our community was in full display this summer thanks to the amazing work of the youth immigration outreach team. The team, part of the City’s One Summer youth program, reached out to over 70 businesses in Logan Square, Avondale and Hermosa neighborhoods to share resources and engage owners about how they can play a pivotal role in helping to create safe spaces for our community.


Building a Sanctuary Network

We are acting locally. LSNA is currently working with over 40 of our member groups (churches, schools, and other non-profits) to assure that we uphold the values of love, restoration, connection, culture and empowerment in this barrio as an example to other neighborhoods in this city and country.

LSNA is unabashedly, 100% pro-immigrant.  We know and love our neighbors. We also know that our economy is more robust, our democracy is healthier, and our country is stronger because immigrants have endured great personal sacrifices to bring their families here to escape political and economic violence and to embrace opportunity. 

LSNA is committed to building a safety network that protects and supports our most vulnerable neighbors. There are three main ideas that currently help guide our efforts in creating a sanctuary network in this neighborhood.

  • Raise awareness and support of immigrants and other marginalized groups
  • Help vulnerable families decrease their sense of isolation
  • Promote and protect their safety

LSNA is currently providing Know Your Rights trainings in order to best prepare both the people most affected as well as their allies. LSNA youth and parent leaders are working with school principals in order to assure that schools are an important part of a network of sanctuary spaces for families. Our faith leaders are also engaging their congregation regarding the significant role that churches can play. Please regularly check our website or Facebook for upcoming events and actions. The work has just begun.

As our friends from the Chicago Religious Leadership Network have taught us, sanctuary is not a given, these spaces have to be actively organized and defended by all of us. Beyond the symbol of sanctuary, we have to create a literal place of refuge.

If your institution, school or church (or business) is interested in working with us please reach out to us at 773-384-4370.

Please consider supporting our Sanctuary Network Builder work by donating HERE!