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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Answer Your Immigration Questions?

  • Private Attorneys
  • Attorneys or Accredited Representatives at Board of Immigration Appeals-Recognized Non-Profit Organizations

How to Prevent Fraud?

  • Only go to an attorney or accredited representative if you have immigration questions
  • Lawyers must have a license to practice law – ask to see their law license
  • Accredited representatives have to be accredited and work for an agency recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals – ask to see their accreditation documents
  • Never sign an application with false information
  • Never sign a blank form
  • Ask for copies of everything you sign
  • Get a second opinion before filing any immigration application, especially if the advice sounds too good to be true

What can you do in the event a loved one has been arrested for driving without a license?

  • Please tell your loved one to remain calm
  • Find out if they were stopped by local, county, or state police?
    • If local: Ask for the city and call the police department to see what the status of the person is:
    • Usually local police will tell you what are the steps that need to be taken, like bond ETC or if the person has an ICE hold
    • Note: Make sure you POST BOND (police department)
    • The sooner the person posts bond the better
  • ICE HOLD: If the person has an ICE HOLD keep in mind that the 48 hours count from the moment the person has BEEN released from state custody

How long can the state hold a person before ICE has to get to them?

48 hours (not including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

If the person has an ICE hold and is picked up within those 48 hours, will it be difficult to find my loved one?

  • Yes, if it’s a recent case. The information of the detainee will not show on the ICE locator
  • Is hard to get a hold of a person at the Local ICE office
  • It is suggested you contact your consulate

If an individual is detained for driving without a license, what happens to their vehicle?

  • When you call the local police to ask about your loved one, please ask about the steps needed to pick up the vehicle
  • Usually you need a person or two with a valid driver’s license, plus the money for the fines, and in some cases you need the owner of the vehicle to come as well
  • Also, ask a staff member at the facility where the car is impounded if you need the car’s title
  • If the owner of the vehicle was the person who was arrested, things get a little complicated since the police will not release the car without the owner (not always the car).  Remember to ask before picking up the vehicle.  In this case someone will have to go to the police station to get a 'consent of release' form that needs to be signed by the owner