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DACA RENEWAL: What you will need for us to help you

To renew DACA with LSNA you need to call us* to connect to our services. (Because our resources are limited we will give priority to applicants who live in our neighborhood area.) See timetable to find out if you can renew now. You also need the following documents:

1)      Copy of your original application (if you have it)

2)      Money order for $465.00 ( made out to US Department of Homeland Security)

3)      2 passport size photos

4)      Copy of your work permit (both sides)

5)      The notice you received from immigration when you got approved: Notice of Action I 797

6)      List any changes in trips, addresses, legal issues (arrets etc) since you first applied

7)      $10 donation (suggested)

*To get help call Marcelo Ferrer at 773 384-4370 ext. 11 or text your name, expiration date, and your phone number to 773 669-4267.