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Reasons Why a Green Card is Not Enough

LSNA will help you renew your Greencard! You can call us at 773 384-4370. Have you thought about not renewing and applying for citizenship? If you are not sure, below are some considerations why citizenship should be a priority.

A Greencard is a Privilege not a Right, Apply for Citizenship for:


  • United States citizens cannot be deported, while green card holders may be deported in certain cases, such as for being convicted of a crime.
  • If you leave the U.S. for over 6 months, you could lose your residency
  • Claiming to be a citizen can get you deported
  •  Petty crimes can get you deported
  •  U.S. citizens do not have to carry proof of citizenship, while green card holders must always be able to prove their legal status in the United States by carrying a valid green  card. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has detained permanent residents who did not have their green cards with them
  •  U.S. citizens do not have to report address changes, but residents do and if they do not
    they may get you deported

Financial Reward

  • Green cards must be renewed every 10 years for a fee (currently $540), while citizenship does not expire or need to be renewed
  •  If you have children under 18 yrs., they may become citizens with you
  •  U.S. citizens can receive scholarships, grants, public education
  •  Citizens have access to more jobs


  • Citizens can petition for more family members and faster than residents: siblings and married children
  •  U.S. citizens can vote and have a voice
  •  Residents get less access to public benefits than citizens
  •  U.S. citizens have the right to run for public office
  •  U.S. citizens are eligible to receive additional services and assistance from U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad
  • Citizens can serve as officers in the U.S. military

For more information on becoming a citizen, call Marcelo Ferrer or Susan Yanun at LSNA 773 384-4370.