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Should Alderman Colon provide tax dollars to build luxury condos in Logan Square?

Monroe parents say “No!”

In July and August, Monroe parents took action upon learning that developer Mark Fishman sought a zoning change in order to build a 7-story, 150-unit condo building on the corner of Milwaukee Ave. and Central Park. On top of that, Mr. Fishman is asking Alderman Colon for $7-10 million in public (TIF) money to subsidize the development.

“We have gathered over 200 signatures from residents concerned about this mammoth proposal,” said Silvia Gonzalez. “My neighbors don’t want to see the traffic congestion, and they certainly don’t want their tax dollars put towards luxury condos.”

Monroe Parents protest proposed luxury condo built with TIF funds

Monroe Parents protest proposed luxury condo that would be 7 stories and 150 units. The developer would request up to $10 million dollars in TIF funds.

Photo: Susan Yanun

LSNA leaders have twice met with Alderman Colon to discuss the proposal. Alderman Colon has not yet reached a decision on whether to grant the zoning change or support the application for TIF funds.