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Lorington Apartments Stay Home to 54 Families

After a 2 ½ year organizing campaign, the Lorington Apartments was preserved as affordable housing when The Community Builders, Inc. bought it earlier this month from Carroll Properties and pledged to keep it as federally-subsidized affordable housing. This means that 54 families and seniors who live there will be able to stay in their homes. 


This means that a lot of people in Logan Square will have a better future.

Logan Square can stay a mix of different races and incomes and no one will feel that they don’t belong here,” said Tenant Association president Mayra Casasola.

The tenants received notices more than two years ago that the owner was not going to renew his government contract that subsidizes the tenants’ rent. Instead, he planned to convert the buildings into condominiums. The residents turned to LSNA and learned that under a new law they had the right to organize a Tenants Association and work with a developer who would buy the buildings and keep them affordable. They quickly formed a Tenant Association, interviewed non-profit developers and selected one, and began to work with LSNA and the developer to go through the steps needed to buy the buildings.

After more than a year of pressure and countless actions by the Tenant Association and LSNA, The Community Builders came to an agreement on price with the owner and closed on the buildings in mid-February.

“I feel very proud that I was part of the solution,” said Mayra. “I think we’re an inspiration to other groups that are in the same situation. We can save people’s homes instead of forcing them out.”

Of the more than 32,000 homes in Logan Square, only 952 receive this type of government subsidy. Therefore, the preservation of 54 one-to-four bedroom apartments was a significant victory for low-income families.

If you receive a letter from your landlord saying he will not renew his HUD contract, call LSNA at (773) 384-4370.