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Logan Square Neighborhood Association is a non-profit organization that has been working with residents in Avondale, Logan Square and Hermosa to advance human rights since 1962.

  • We believe in community-driven zoning that is fair, transparent and accessible to all residents.
  • We believe all people should be able to afford housing and have money left over for food and necessities.
  • We believe all children deserve the opportunity to succeed in school and in life, which is tied to having a stable home.

For these reasons, we support the effort to downzone Milwaukee Avenue from Kimball to Central Park.

Downzoning will limit speculation in the housing market along this strip of Milwaukee Avenue, which artificially increases rents and property taxes and contributes to the displacement of our community.

Because of downzoning, If a developer wants to build a luxury high rise in the future, they will have to go to the Alderman’s office to request a zoning change which would make the intentions of the developer public and open to discussion.

Additionally, if a developer plans to build more than 10 units, requesting a zoning change will trigger the Affordable Requirement Ordinance Pilot for the Milwaukee Corridor which means    that at least 15% of the units will be affordable if built on site (or 20% if built off site).

Ultimately, downzoning Milwaukee Avenue ensures there is a process for fair development through community-driven zoning and we welcome the opportunity to work with our neighbors and members to preserve our neighborhood.