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About Us


LSNA is a community-based organization advancing diversity, leader development, and models for engagement as the catalyst for social justice.


Statement of Work

To ensure that the voices of all Logan Square residents are heard, every piece of LSNA’s work is done in deep consultation and partnership with leaders in the community, including clergy, principals, teachers, parents, and other institution and neighborhood leaders. Forty-three community institutions including schools, churches, block clubs, and agencies are members of LSNA, engaging more than 2,000 people in organizing and supporting programs.  Additionally, LSNA is a leader in deep city- and state-wide coalitions in order to achieve our collective goals.

 This holistic approach results in strategic, consistent efforts toward ongoing community improvements including: lowering high school drop-out rates and increasing youth leadership; fostering parent engagement in neighborhood schools and creating community school partnerships; lowering home foreclosures and increasing access to affordable housing; helping children and families gain access to affordable health services; developing initiatives to make Logan Square a safer place to live while reaching out to families to prevent abuse of alcohol and drugs; making major new investments in retail space, green economic developments, and parks & open spaces; and finally, offering immigrants the tools to advance economically and become citizens.

LSNA directly serves over 7,000 adults and children through these various programs, and our organizing work impacts tens of thousands more.  In fact, as neighborhoods from across the nation and around the globe look to LSNA for replicable models of community leadership and development, Logan Square stands as a true example of how one community can transform the world.

Current Programs

Parent Mentors working daily in the classrooms of nine local public schools, directly impacting over 3,800 children.

A campaign to preserve the Chicago Housing Authority’s Lathrop Homes as public and affordable housing through historic rehabilitation.

The Parent Engagement Institute (PEI), which focuses on training and capacity building for Parent Mentor program replication.

The “Greater Logan Square Early Learning Coalition”, which is a future pipeline to Early Childhood careers for interested community residents.

Community Learning Centers in two local schools, which stay open until 6pm and provide more than 60 academic and arts education programs to students and their families.

Logan Square Grow Your Own Teachers Cohort, a university partnership with 37 local parents studying to be bilingual teachers and 23 certified graduates.

Leadership opportunities and restorative justice practices at the high school level.

An Immigration Team that works to assist local immigrant families to access legal services, apply for citizenship, DACA, and enroll in post-secondary education.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Nationwide recognition by NBC’s Education Nation of our Parent Mentor program as one of “10 best solutions to improve schools” in the country.
  • Launched the Parent Engagement Institute (PEI), together with our partner Southwest Organizing Project, to train and support the start-up of new parent mentor programs across the city, state, and nation.
  • Recruited and trained 501 Parent Mentors in 43 low-income schools across the state together with partner SWOP.
  • Launched the “Greater Logan Square Early Learning Coalition,” a future pipeline to Early Childhood careers.
  • New GED, vocational and college offerings established for local residents through partnerships with Wright College and Northeastern Illinois University.
  • Passage of the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance by the City Council, effective September 3, 2013, will reduce crime, stabilize neighborhoods, and help working families by keeping them in their own residences instead of being evicted when properties are foreclosed. (Achieved in collaboration with KCR Coalition partners.)
  • Outreach to 1,614 properties facing foreclosure by our Foreclosure Prevention Outreach Team, which referred more than 175 homeowners and tenants to appropriate resources.
  • Out reach to the households of 16,881 infrequent Hispanic voters and the registration of 1,228 new voters prior to the 2012 National Elections.
  • Passage of the Illinois Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Bill, which will go into effect on November 27, 2013, and will allow undocumented motorists to apply for Temporary Visitor Driver’s Licenses. (Achieved in collaboration with ICIRR partners.)
  • 68 youth leaders from area high schools trained through the Logan Square Youth Leadership Development Academy throughout the summer of 2013.
  • “Know Your Rights” trainings for 329 local residents, citizenship applications for 242 legal permanent residents, and DACA workshops and informational sessions for 430 potential applicants.
  • Health Outreach assistance and referrals to 1,586 under or uninsured residents.

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