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The mission of Logan Square Neighborhood Association's (LSNA) Immigration work in Hermosa, Avondale and Logan Square is to retain and strengthen our immigrant identity through programs, projects and policies that protect and celebrate the immigrants in our community. We will fight for national and state immigration practices and policies that unite, not separate, families.


              LSNA  Immigration Legal Services

LSNA is a Department of Justice (DOJ) Recognized organization. Our program includes two bilingual (Spanish/English) accredited DOJ staff.

Call us at 773 384-4370 to find out more information about our low cost legal services. Ask for Marcelo Ferrer or Susan Yanun. You can also stop by our office at 2840 N. Milwaukee Ave. You don't have to live in our neighborhood to receive help, you do, however, have to live in Illinois.

DACA Renewal

  • If you need help with renewing your DACA work permit call us at 773 384-4370 or text us at 773 669-4267 with your name and expiration date.
  • To prepare for an appointment with us, begin to gather the copies of your previous renewal applications (I-821D, I-765, I-765WS). A copy of both sides of you card. You will need a money order for $495. We are asking for a $50 donation as our "fee."
  • Click here (DACA) for  informative and practical material .


Greencard Renewal

  • Call us at 773 384-4370 if you need help with renewing your residency ("greencard"). If your card is within 6 months of expiring (or has already expired) call us. We are asking for a $75 donation as our "fee."

Other LSNA Immigration work

             Fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  • Organize for reform that includes eliminating the barriers to a college education for undocumented students and health care for all immigrants.
  • Participate in local actions and events that work towards reform.

         Educate and Organize to Protect and Advance the Rights of Immigrants

  • Strengthen, expand and solidify LSNA immigration committee.
  • Defend and advocate for citizens and non-citizens on justice issues, for example day labor, immigration raids and family separation.
  • Create a Logan Square Family Support Network that includes as central component “Know Your Rights” trainings available to all LSNA member groups and others. 
  • Organize events for the broader Logan Square community to create awareness of immigrant issues

Immigrants 101: Did You Know? 

  • Illinois is home to 1,782,423 immigrants, 44.4% of whom are naturalized citizens.
  • All immigrants pay taxes, state, federal and sales taxes.  It is estimated that they pay $90 to $140 billion a year.  Between 1990 and 1998 the undocumented paid $20 billion in Social Security that they can never collect!
  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has deported a total of 393,000 people during the 2010 fiscal year.
  • If all unauthorized immigrants were removed from Illinois, the state would lose $25.6 billion in economic activity, $11.4 billion in gross state product,and approximately 119,214 jobs.
  • In the Chicago Metro area, the consumer expenditures of unauthorized immigrants alone generated more than 31,000 jobs in the local economy and added $5.5 billion annually to the gross regional product.
  • The 2009 purchasing power of Illinois’s Latinos totaled $43 billion—an increase of 387.2% since 1990.
  • Immigrants are accused of refusing to learn English and to otherwise assimilate. As with prior waves of immigrants, there is a marked increase in English-language skills from one immigrant generation to the next.
  • Increased border security and the construction of border fences have done little to curb the flow of immigrants across the United States border. Instead, these policies have only succeeded in pushing border crossers into dangerous and less-patrolled regions, and increased the undocumented population by creating an incentive for immigrants not to leave.